My letter of appeal to President Putin

Dear Mr Putin, president of the great Russian Federation.

I would like to thank you for heeding to the cries of the people of Crimea and accepting them back to Mother Russia, that is what great people do, when Nikita Khrushchev gave the peninsula to the Ukraine of good will, he did not expect that the good people then or their offspring would turn against the greater cause of a united humanity.

What you have done, may you live a another hundred year to see the ripe fruits of this great judgement.

Mr Putin, I being a great admirer of yours do not write you to thank you just for your gesture of kindness to the Crimean people, they would have come home either way.

I write with to request for a great an nobler cause, the rebirth of the USSR, Mr Putin, humbly I beseech thee, reconstitute the Mother Soviet Union. it has been a long and enduring terrible 25 years since the great traitor Mikhail Gorbachev helped the West disband the USSR, but these years have been bad for the progress of mankind, the evils that have spread and are being spread I cannot discuss, they overwhelm me.

Mr Putin, the world needs a mighty Soviet Union, a motherland that people can look to, united with the Peoples’ Republic of China built by the peoples mighty hands.

Mr Paul Robeson sang, “United forever in friendship and labour,
Our mighty republics will ever endure.
The great Soviet Union will live through the ages.
The dream of a people their fortress secure. ”

For the love, hope and future of all mankind, Mr Putin please reconstitute the Soviet Union…..and restore the balance to the planet.

CWT Owak


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