YAP Proposal #90: “Establishing Breed standards for the Ankole cattle” (Caesar Walter Tumwesigye, Uganda)

Please read through this proposal and share your thoughts/ideas by commenting below.


Ankole Cattle resting after grazing

My name Caesar Walter Tumwesigye a 27 yr old male from Uganda – a specialist in Livestock Production. Born and grew up in southwestern Uganda in a community where livestock are a part of the way of life. Early on I was involved in the rearing of these animals and became passionate about them especially indigenous Ankole cattle because of their legendary stories in folklore and their multirole purpose roles in the livelihood of peoples of the African continent.

I am committed to their survival in the face of unfavorable odds like greater demands of production like faster growth, more milk and meat which driving them to extinction. The value of these animals must be promoted before they are no longer in existence.

Project description

My project “Establishment of Breed standards for the Ankole cattle” is aimed at establishing a system of standards to guide the breeders of the Ankole…

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