Can we remix the East Coast fever Muguga cocktail?

There is scope to improve the composition of the Cocktail, to simplify the standardization protocol and possibly widen its protective efficacy.


Following the 2016 ECF Consortium annual meeting in May 2016, participants in the project drafted short blog posts about different aspects of their work related to East Coast fever (ECF) vaccine development. This post was contributed by Joana da Silva (University of Maryland), Ivan Morrison (University of edinburgh), Dirk Geysen (ITM Antwerp), George Chaka (CTTBD), Ine de Goeyse (ITM Antwerp) and Kyle Tretina
(University of Maryland).

The Muguga Cocktail, composed of three isolates, is currently being used in the field to vaccinate cattle against East Coast fever. Two recent studies, led by The Roslin Institute, in Scotland, and Institute for Genome Sciences, in the US, unveil its genetic composition in great detail, with implications for both vaccine production and to interpret its protective properties.

The three components of the Cocktail were selected because they differed in their ability to protect against various heterologous challenges, but that in…

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