Bogus investors: A tale of sophistication of corruption in Uganda.

Corruption has evolved in this Banan Republic country such complex levels that even the people who track cannot cope. Span like an intricate web of a spider, it is around you but you cannot even tell it is.

Enter the sham ‘investors’……content coming soon!


Simplistic livestock solutions no help for poor people in transition from smallholders to ‘smartholders’

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Australian Nobel laureate Peter Doherty (left), former chair of the program committee of the ILRI Board of Trustees, and Australian Lindsay Falvey, current chair of the ILRI Board of Trustees. 

Jimmy Smith, director general of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), who previously led the World Bank’s global livestock portfolio, was in Australia last week, talking to ILRI’s scientific colleagues and donor representatives in Canberra and Melbourne. ILRI is chaired by Australian Lindsay Falvey and its patron is Australian Nobel Prize laureate Peter Doherty.

Smith was in Australia for public addresses and meetings on the critical role of livestock in global food and nutrition security. In his talks, he countered some of the simplistic solutions to sustainability and health suggested for the livestock sector. Here’s some of what he had to say.

There is no moral equivalence between those who make bad food choices and consume too much…

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The uneasy step from conflict management to collaboration

Managing conflict properly is a great factor of productivity.

Maarifa - Communications and Knowledge Management

Conflict Management Tools (photo credit: Danie Becknell / Bruce Burris) Conflict management tools (photo credit: Danie Becknell / Bruce Burris).

Many development (research) organizations are seeking to understand and harness the potential of collaboration. But collaboration is not easy. Not least because it requires trust. And an alignment of interests. And a good understanding of how power relations work and how they might set people against each other.

Sometimes these elements are just not there despite the initial goodwill. Whether from the start or as a progressive process, conflict shows up.

When it does, most people have difficulty letting go of their desire for harmony and tend to ignore the elephant in the room.

When bravely we face the truth, we realize that conflict is not all easy to understand, to recognize or to apprehend – let alone to prevent when it has degenerative qualities.

In a recent team building retreat, the Communication and Knowledge Management team of the International…

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